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Athlete Ambassadors

Athlete Ambassadors are former athletes who are trained and seasoned speakers ready to tell their personal story and share why the mission of Athletes for CARE is impacts everyone.

Become an Athlete Ambassador

As a current or retired athlete who played at the collegiate or professional level or competed on a national or Olympic team, we invite you to become an athlete member.  As an athlete member, you are able to participate in all of our programs and take advantage of our many resources available to current and former athletes.

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Invite Athletes for Care to your Next Event

The allure of professional athletes is an exciting draw for any event. Invite Athletes for CARE to participate in your next event to create an excitement about your event and to raise awareness about the mission of A4C.

Athlete Ambassadors are ready to tell their personal story and share the Athletes for CARE mission to your group. They are skilled presenters in topics such as:

- Motivational speaking
- Ending the Opioid Epidemic
- Health and Wellness
- Overcoming obstacles
- Stress management
- Teamwork
- Sports Safety

Book an Athlete Ambassador to speak to your group or at your upcoming conference

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