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Athletes for CARE Canada

 Our Community is a team for life. Through our A4C community, we provide support through career transitions, help athletes leverage their influence to give back and building meaningful business relationships.  In 2019, Athletes for CARE, a growing global organization advocating for health, wellness and safety in sports for athletes of all ages, started a Canadian non-profit organization to specifically address the unique needs of Canadian athletes. Thank you to our founding supporter, New Leaf.

About Us


Athletes for CARE appreciates the investment of those who are passionate our mission. As a supporter of Athletes for CARE, you will be part of the movement create social change improving global standards of health, safety and quality of life. Everyone is welcome to be a supporter of A4C.

Created by Athletes, For Everyone

Our team includes athletes from a variety of sports.  Despite the different experiences while competing at the highest level, we share a common passion for helping create a healthier life for everyone.

Our Initiatvies


Building a Voice

Programs focused on increasing awareness throughout North America to continue our mandate to support Professional Athletes via increasing our online presence, podcasts, participating and speaking engagements at conferences, events, trade shows, and other media platforms.

cannabis education.jpeg

Athletes & Cannabis

Introduction of specific online courses to promote continuing education and skill sets. The first round of course introductions will be focused on cannabis. Learning the fundamentals of cannabis, the impacts on health and wellness, and seeking a career in the emerging cannabis industry.  



Focus will be to continue down the path of Awareness, Foundation Education and Cannabis + Health and Wellness with intention to support efforts to integrate Cannabis as a tool, offer a Canadian Extended Health Insurance Plan Suite, Mental Health support and more. 

For More Information

 If you would like more information about Athlete's For Care in Canada or the United States please click on the link below. We would be happy to hear from you. 

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