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Make A Donation

Athletes for Care in a 501c3 non-profit organization, and all contributions are tax-deductible.  Your generosity today not only will offer immediate assistance in advancing our mission, but it helps to lay the groundwork for future generations to play their games safer and smarter.
At A4C, we’re all about CARE.  Our four-step approach begins with COMMUNITY.  We are creating a community for athletes to provide support, opportunity, and purpose to one another in life after a career in sports.

The ADVOCACY of athletes as role models happens both on and off the field. Our Athletes serve as ideal ambassadors to raise awareness for the most important issues faced during and after their professional careers.

We support RESEARCH because we accept that today, we do not have all the answers. Our work is making sports safer physically, as well as expanding medical science to more effectively heal us physically, mentally, spiritually or otherwise once the bright lights fade.

Lastly, our EDUCATION programs put into action all that we are learning. Our programs help to prolong careers, and positively impact future generations to play sports safer and with better overall understanding.
Thank you in advance for your investment in our mission.
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