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Athletes For Care is committed to expanding research efforts that have a direct impact on the quality of life for athletes, before, during and after competing in sports.
We Know Football Is Dangerous. So Why Are We Still Letting Our Sons Play It?
Parents: Tyler Hilinski had CTE when he Committed Suicide
Ex-NFLers Tackle Mental Health Issues
NFL Player Makes Cannabis History
The World’s Best Athletes Use Cannabis. Here’s Proof. What Now?
Chris Borland Says it’s Easy to Cheat the Concussion Protocol
Martellus Bennett: ‘About 89%’ of NFL Players Use Cannabis
Michael Phelps calls on US Olympic Committee to Help Athletes Struggling with Depression
Former Steelers Doctor Gets 10 Years for Painkiller Distribution
The Toughest Call of My Life By Jalen Moore
HBO Takes Aim at NHL’s Refusal to Invest in CTE Research
Concussions Can Be Detected with New Blood Test Approved by FDA
Multisport Legend says Depression Affects Many Elite Athletes after Retirement
Technology Can’t Save Football Players’ Brain
Brutal Short Film of Every NFL Concussion of the Season
US Pro Sports League Accepts CBD Products
Rashaan Salaam’s Heisman Sells for Record $399,608; Money to aid CTE Research
Former NFLers Call for End to Tackle Football for Kids
This NFL Star’s Mom Can’t Protect Him on the Field. Working With This Startup Is the Next Best Option
Study Suggests Cannabis is Reversing the Opioid Crisis in Colorado
Former NFL Running Back Larry Johnson Believes he is Living with CTE
Julio Jones Finds ‘Clean’ Diet is his Key to Staying on Field
Former NBA Star John Salley Talks About his New Cannabis Business
CU Boulder to Lead Pac-12 Study of Student-Athlete Concussions
Ex-NFL Player Confirmed as 1st Case of CTE in Living Patient
What a New Movie on Brain Injuries Tells us About Media Coverage of the NFL
Karl-Anthony Towns Advocates Benefits of Medical Marijuana
”Coach of Culture” Inspires Championship Change in PA High School
How a 12-Year-Old Girl Could Help End Cannabis Prohibition
CBD Legal for UFC Fighter in 2018: Everything You Need to Know
Rashaan Salaam and the Weight of Life After Football
The Football Industrial Complex Is in Big Trouble
ESPN Football Analyst Walks Away, Disturbed by Brain Trauma on Field
More Evidence Contact Sports Can Affect the Brain
Football’s Concussion Crisis is Killing Former High School Players, Too
Mental Health in Athletes Just as Important as Physical Health
Video Killed the Sports Star? What Pro Sports Can Learn From Action Sports
Inside the Facebook Group Where NFL Wives Share Anxieties and Advice
Jim Plunkett taking 13 pills a day, in constant pain: ‘My life sucks’
Few Student-Athletes with Mental Illness Seek Help
Jermichael Finley: “They Basically Reset My Brain”
New Study: Greater Opioid Use and Mental Health Disorders are Linked
The Opioid Epidemic is a Middle Class Problem, Too
The Savvy Business Move That Helped an NFL Star Become the Richest Running Back in the League.
Most Americans Approve Professional Athletes Using Marijuana for Pain
Stepping Up the Fight Against Opioid Addiction
Get With the Times, NFL: Cannabis, CTE and the Commissioner’s (lack of) Care
How an Ex-NFL Star is Making a Safer Helmet with Baby Car Seat Technology
The Untold Story: NFL Players are doing lots of good
The Likely Cause of Addiction Has Been Discovered, and It Is Not What You Think
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