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COVID-19 Health and Wellness

Hello Green Alley Friends,

Covid-19. Don't wait. Some important steps you can take TODAY. Incubation period for the flu is 2 days; for Covid-19 up to 23 days! You may not see or feel symptoms from Covid-19 for 23 days. You may not see or feel symptoms from Covid-19 for 23 days!

Dr. Blair, in this 2018 presentation, explains why CBD Supports the immune system, interrupts the auto immune-like response from viruses and fights the inflammation that is the aftermath of a viral insult.

Watch how to Boost your Immune System NOW Viral Infection, Inflammation and CBD - Dr. Philip Blair

Covid-19 symptoms show sore throat first, fever, fatigue, dry cough and shortness of breath: Basic flu symptoms show sore throat, fever, congestion, runny nose, joint pain Covid-19 hates sun, is killed in 73 degrees on a surface Lives for up to 12 hours on a metal surface; 6-12 hours on fabric

Normal laundry detergent kills viruses Can live for 5-10 mins on skin;

Wash with SOAP/WATER. This is better than sanitizers! Wash for 20 seconds. Gargle with salt/warm water. Drink warm fluids to wash possible virus in throat into stomach where HCL (hydrochloric acid) kills it ; otherwise virus in nasopharynx can be inhaled into the lungs if the throat is dry.

Tips from our last newsletter, updated ======== What's the BEST way to protect yourself from Virus? 1. Boost your Immune System (food, vitamins) 2. Boost your Endocannabinoid System (CBD, Omega 3's) 3. Boost your Vitamin D, A and C levels (D3+K2=5,000IU/day; Vit C 1,000mg 2xday;) 4. Boost your omega 3 (DHA & EPA) levels (2,000-5,000mg/day) 5. Sneeze into your elbow/Don’t touch face (impossible!) 6. Wash your hands with soap for 20 seconds (antibacterial sanitizer is not anti viral; use 70%+ alcohol-based sanitizer) 7. Reduce sugar and carb intake as the coronavirus and other viruses are thought to feed off the glucose in our cells 8. Get extra sleep, reduce stress. Get more sunshine and nature and keep connected(while practicing social distancing) 9. KEEP HYDRATED! Drink lots of water and if not absorbing, then add electrolytes/trace minerals = coconut water, watermelon, mineral/spring water FOODS THAT BOOST VITAMIN LEVELS AND PROTECT AGAINST VIRUS & DISEASE Several nutrients are known to be integral in immune function. Vitamins C and D possess strong immune-supportive properties, while vitamin A and Zinc are required for the development and function of immune cells. Mushrooms and their active compounds boast potent immunomodulatory capacity and provide the gut with good bacteria. Vitamin C: Important immune function: Bell peppers, lemons, green leafy vegetables, berries, oranges, papayas, strawberries, broccoli, sauerkraut; Vitamin D-Protects against, and kills pathogens (supplement must have K2 in it also); Salmon, fatty fish, egg yolk, cheese, mushrooms Vitamin A- Strengthens mucosal tissues; found in Extra Virgin Olive Oil, cod liver oil, egg yolk, butter; no recommended supplement Zinc -The most important trace mineral for immunity; Supports T cells, anti-viral seafood, pumpkin seed, sea vegetables, and beans, lentils and legumes. Zinc lozenges block coronavirus (not specifically Covid-19) from multiplying in the throat, which is gateway to the lungs. Garlic- Kills off virus, bacteria, pathogens and mold Colloidal Silver - kills viruses by starving the O2 supply CBD - "A maintenance dose of 5 mg/day keeps the doctor away" Watch John Hicks, MD discuss CBD here Click Here Order Vitamin D3+K2 Here Order Colloidal Silver and Supplements that boost your Immune and Endocannabinoid Systems HERE

Special Offer Any Order over $100 received by March 31 will receive: 1. SAMPLE of our Award-Winning Bath Salts Please hit REPLY TO this email and I will send out: 1.Immune Support Protocol from Designs for Health, the supplement company I use. All DfH products are plant and herb-based and manufactured in the USA. DfH only sells through healthcare practitioners.

Best in healing, Ali To order CBD Oil: Green Alley CBD (925) 899-4539

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