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Former Hockey Fighters to Struggling ex-NHL enforcer: ‘You’re Not Alone’

Stephen Peat and Dale Purinton have gone toe-to-toe on more than a couple of occasions. The former hockey enforcers fought multiple times in major junior and in the National Hockey League. But now, with Stephen Peat facing a very different kind of fight, his former foe wants to help.

According to Peat’s father, Walter, the former NHLer is living on the streets of the Fraser Valley, using drugs and could be close to death. After reading the CBC story on Peat’s situation, Purinton reached out to the CBC and to the Peat family in the hopes of connecting Stephen with help. And he’s doing it for one reason: he’s been there.

‘You’re kind of playing out your dreams in a way, but what are you giving up for that?” Purinton said.

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