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The NFL Should Be Ashamed Of How They Treat Their Players After Their Careers Are Over

Have you ever watched Phil Jackson walk? Or maybe noticed how Kenny Smith’s legs are shaped when he waddles up to the diagram during Inside The NBA on TNT? Have you ever noticed Bill Walton’s movements or Wes Unseld’s or countless other former NBA players — many of whom have to have complete knee replacement surgeries or hip procedures in their 40s?

Well, take that and multiply it by 1,000 and that just may be enough to describe the condition of some former NFL players. Players who can’t hold a fork or a spoon. Players who have trouble brushing their teeth every morning. Players who have to be helped down or up a flight of stairs, whose bodies are so dependent on painkillers that they have it mixed in with their morning oatmeal or pancakes, but yet are still fighting to have a portion of the monumental health coverage for their former players that even remotely resembles the plan the NBPA just passed.

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