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The Ultimate Advocate

Rob Frid is the Executive Director of Medicinal My Way and Ambassador for Athletes for CARE. Rob’s journey to medical cannabis began following his career in professional hockey. At a young age, Rob joined major junior hockey club, and current 2016 Memorial Cup champions, the London Knights. A few years later, at the age of 19, he was invited to the St Louis Blues Training Camp. Rob retired from minor professional hockey in 2004-05 with The Rockford Icehogs – a minor league team for the NHL’s Chicago Blackhawks.

Canada’s favorite sport is a rough one and the violence, trauma and injuries took a toll on Rob. He’s since been diagnosed with traumatic brain injury, Dystonia a neuromuscular disorder, Parkinson’s, Major Depressive Disorder, and anxiety diagnosed secondary to chronic pain. Rob is a long time Patient at London Health Sciences Centre and Parkwood Hospital in London Ontario.

Medical Cannabis has become a key component in the treatment of these diagnoses and pain management so that Rob can continue to be a voice for the organizations that mean so much, to so many. In addition to his work with Medicinal My Way, Rob advocates for the immediate removal of “fighting” in junior hockey and is involved with Boston University’s Centre For CTE -Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy. CTE is disease that has taken the lives throughout many High Impact Sports including hockey, football, boxing, and soccer to name a few. Rob and many former athletes suffering from the long-term effects of multiple concussions have been recently using medical cannabis to control and slow down progression of degenerative brain disease.

In September 2018, Rob brought together several important advocacy groups including A4C and industry leaders facilitating the 1st Medical Cannabis Educational Presentation in Professional Sports to The NHL Alumni Original Six in Toronto Ontario Canada. The event was a success and was covered across Canada and globally raising more awareness about the necessity and importance of Cannabis in Sports. 

Rob has been prescribed Medical Cannabis from Parkwood Hospital since 2012.

Check out this story that features Rob in the Globe and Mail, called “One Last Fight” by NHL Sports Writer James Mirtle for more about him as an athlete and the toll that his career had on the rest of his life. Check out Rob's full bio and connect with him on social media.


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