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Resync Your Joints & Recovery Blend System



Supplement Beverage

What they say:

Resync Recovery Blend is a natural, nitric-oxide mix is made of functional ingredients that support blood flow, cardiovascular health, and healthy inflammatory response post-exercise. Resync Your Joints is a unique hydrolyzed collagen blend, contains high quality natural nitrates, anti-oxidants, and minerals to support your connective tissue health.

Resync Your Joints & Recovery Blend System

Our Rating:

(out of 10)


“I feel like I have more energy throughout the day and I feel less stiff than I had been feeling prior to taking it.” -Steve Atwater Retired NFL Super Bowl Champion
“I love the absence of feeling bad throughout the week due to pain from lactic acid build up. What I like most is that I find that my joints, ligaments and tendons don't hurt as much. I feel as though my recovery is similar to when I was a young athlete in the NFL. I'm a true fan!!” - Jamie Brown, Retired NFL Super Bowl Champion
Resync Your Joints and Resync Recovery Blend are part of a joint health and workout recovery beverage supplement system. The powder supplement is a product created by Resync, whose company philosophy is: “An under-recovered athlete becomes an injured athlete.” According to the Resync website, Resync has a commitment to support endothelial health as well as the health of every system in the body at once. The objective is to help every athlete recover in a safe, effective way by supporting blood flow and healthy inflammatory markers due to exercise. The Athletes for CARE Tastemakers gave an overall rating of 7.9 out of 10 to the Resync Your Joints and Resync Recovery Blend system. The Tastemakers gave high marks to the system for overall satisfaction, quality and clarity of instructions. With 85% of the Tastemakers indicating they currently work out three or more times per week combined with the fact that 76% of respondents are over the age of 35, the data suggest that recovery and joint health is important to maintain regular physical fitness. Though the system was effective in addressing the physical issues, Tastemakers had concerns about the overall cost per serving of the entire system and some did not enjoy the taste. Overall the A4C Tastemakers were very impressed with Rsync Your Joints and Recovery Blend product. More than two-thirds of the Tastemakers indicated they would endorse the product and more than 80% expressed a strong interest in trying other products from Resync. In short: Resync is an extremely high quality and effective joint health product and recovery tool that is useful for individuals from the weekend warrior to the most elite athlete.
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