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Sarco Freeze



CBD Topical

What they say:

Sarco Freeze will flush muscles and suppress over active pain receptors. This will help users recover faster in order to train with more intensity more frequently without the pain.

Sarco Freeze

Our Rating:

(out of 10)


“Sarco Freeze is the best topical product I have used so far. If feels as if it has immediate results!” – Reuben Droughns
“I applied the product a few hours after my workout was finished when I was ready to wind down for the evening. I applied the Sacro Feeze and, a short 5-7minutes later, I could already feel it working to relax my muscles.” – Jamie Brown
“The Sarco Freeze is the best muscle relaxing heat I’ve found. Period. Immediate relief within minutes and a heat that lets you know it’s working but at a comfortable level. Thanks to Tastemakers and Sarco for bringing this into my life. That is my truth” – Darren McCarty
Sarco Freeze is a topical product created by Arcanum, a CBD-hemp company focused on creating performance and recovery products for athletes. According to the Arcanum website, the activated hemp in Sarco Freeze increases the bioavailability of the other healing and soreness relieving ingredients, which include arnica montana, menthol and lavender, roman chamomile and rosemary essential oils. The Athletes For Care Tastemakers gave an overall rating of 8.1 out of 10 to the Sarco Freeze. The Tastemakers unanimously gave high marks to the Sarco Freeze for its effectiveness, which is an important insight considering 96% of the Tastemakers have previously used CBD products. With 80% of the Tastemakers indicating that “supplements” are essential to their health, and roughly 50% who currently use Arnica or essential oils, the data suggest that the Sarco Freeze product is aligned with the current products and supplements that the A4C Tastemakers regularly use. Though the Sarco Freeze product was highly effective in addressing the physical issues of the Tastemakers, 75% responded that the product was perhaps a bit too expensive at the $70 price point. While the product may seem expensive to the Tastemakers, 80% indicated that they would recommend it to someone else, proving that even at a slightly high price point, the Sarco Freeze product is one that elite athletes can stand behind. Overall the A4C Tastemakers were very impressed with Arcanum’s Sarco Freeze product. 70% of the Tastemakers indicated they would endorse the product and nearly 85% expressed a strong interest in trying other products from Arcanum. In short: Arcanum has our attention – the Sarco Freeze is a worthy product for today’s top performer.
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