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Terms of Use

Use of the Members Area

  1. Athletes for CARE (A4C) shall provide Members the access to use the Members Area for the purpose of interactively publishing, sharing, developing and creating knowledge around athlete’s health and wellness.

  2. The Members Area is designed to offer various tools to allow Members to organize themselves as a network and to create, review and publish member contributions (text and other material) in the pursuit of these goals.

  3. The Members Area offers various types of accesses to various areas, depending on the Member’s role (e.g. as an athlete) and functions (e.g. as a Committee Team Leader, Expert, an Administrator). It is the responsibility of the Member to respect the confidentiality of the data he/she has access to in the various areas of the Website.

  4. Members shall alone be responsible for ensuring that their contributions (text and other material) are aligned with the purpose set forth and in no way breach these Terms.

  5. A4C is not bound to monitor and check content added by members to ensure that no unlawful content and/or content contrary to these Terms appears on the Website, but reserves the right to so do. A4C further reserves the right to delete such content without notice, if it discovers, or is informed by third parties, or suspicion exists, that such content breaches the provisions of these Terms.


Rules of Conduct

  1. All contents submitted to A4C shall adhere to basic rules of conduct. An appropriate tone and relevance of the content are required. It is prohibited to submit content which:

o    is openly offensive and fosters or incites racism, bigotry, hatred or physical violence of any kind against groups or individuals or force of any kind against property;

o    is offensive, threatening, obscene, disrespectful, indecent, defamatory or libelous or causes harassment in another way or supports such undesirable forms of behavior;

o    encourages sexual or violent exploitation of persons;

o    comprises nudity, violence or indecent images;

o    publishes information which poses a risk to the protection of personal data or security;

o    contains or endorses information which, to the best of the member’s knowledge, is false or misleading;

o    infringes intangible property rights (to trademarks, designs, patents or copyright), especially which constitutes or promotes illegal or unauthorized copies of copyright works of other persons, e.g. pirated copies of computer programs or links to them, information on defeating copy protection set up by manufacturers and pirated copies of music or links to pirated copies of music files;

o    entails sending junk mails, chain letters or unsolicited mass mailings, SMS, spinning or spamming;

o    has restricted, password-only access or contains hidden pages or images;

o    promotes or supports unlawful acts or plans or contains instructions on illegal acts, e.g. making or buying illegal weapons, breach of privacy or the supply or development of computer viruses;

o    requires other users to disclose passwords or personal particulars for commercial or illegal purposes, or is designed to do so;

o    contains commercial activities;

o    contains photographs or videos of other people, which have been published without the consent of those people;

o    infringes, or attempts to infringe, privacy laws, contract law or the rights of third parties;

o    contains website links which are prohibited under these terms.


Termination of Membership

  1. Members can resign their membership with A4C at any time by communicating their decision by email or deleting their account.

  2. The membership can be terminated by decision from A4C. The concerned person has the right to appeal against this decision by contacting A4C directly.

  3. Resigned Members can apply to revive their registration at any time. The decision to revive a registration is made by A4C.



  1. No guarantees shall be given as to the accuracy of information and opinions conveyed via the Website, either expressly or implicitly.

  2. A4C expressly reserves the right to block the Members Area without notice, where necessary to investigate malfunctions, for maintenance work or for closer examination of cases of abuse.



  1. A4C hereby disclaims all liability for the Website, in particular for content displayed thereon and communications passed via it. A4C shall likewise not be liable for any losses arising from impossibility of use of the Website.

  2. A4C shall in no case be liable for content provided by Members. Members are alone responsible for all information and data which they send, display or notify via the Members Area.

  3. A4C shall accept no liability for links, for contents of pages linked, and for content uploaded by Members and/or third parties. A4C has no influence on third-party web sites. 

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